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Troubles Changing the Layout

5 Jun
I need help!
well. I’m new to LJ so does anyone know where is the “Look and Feel” link
that should be found in the customize journal area?
I’m suppose to change the layout to smooth sailing. But I can’t seem to do it.
Someone please help me!


5 Jun
Got a call from [info]vanessafrida this evening
she shared with me some good news
and convinced me that I should switch from Blogspot to LiveJournal
So here I am on LJ!
Giving it a go. hehe It is a tad bit different
But i’ll get the hang of it. (: give me some time. haha

Well. the way I post will be no different though.
will still be personal with all my inspirations in my daily life.
And I would love to share them with everyone
Hoping that it would inspire each and everyone of u as well!

In case you all don’t know.
My passion is baking. I love cupcakes! haha
all sorts of cupcakes.
those that  goes into my tummy, and those that are just pretty to look at.
i love them all!

I love cooking as well and I’m still learning to improve my cooking
(as you will get to see)
by attending cooking classes and even baking classes.
well, practice always makes perfect.
and you will never be too good, or too old/young to learn new things
and Ialways learn something when I attend a class.
So you all can learn with me! (:
it will be fun. i promise.

So yes. Feel free to leave your comments!
I would love to hear from you
and improve on my creations.

so anyways. boring things aside (:

Since the cooking class and after drinks with Darrelle last saturday
(photos will be up soon!)
I have been down with a flu.
a pretty bad one I would say. haha
So I finished 1 box of tissue paper
taken different kinds of running nose tablets plus sore throat medicine
and sleeping alot more
I am getting a bit better.
went for spa yesterday with June jiejie
which made me sleep really well last night. haha
so today
we went to hunt for kitchen stuff to put in our new kitchen
after our house was renovated!
 We ended up getting most of our kitchen appliances from Teka
and I picked the oven. haha
cause it’s the most important appliance in the kitchen for me!
can’t wait till I can get to use it. hehe
will be another 6 months though.

So it’s more rest, and less long days this week
the exciting thing is that I have my first order of cupcakes this weekend
[info]lfadel had enough confidence to order a dozen cupcakes from me!
I’m excited! hehe and of cos you can trust that I will put my heart and soul into baking these cupcakes.
although the batch I made for my lat day of work turned out pretty well!
and that was the trial for this big day! (:

alright. it’s a pretty long post! hehe
photos will be next as promised!