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Bowling Face-off

29 Jun

the three boys took up a challenge! hehe
well not really.
Aaron really wanted to bowl.
so I planned a bowling afternoon out at the club.
and he decided to bet with the two boys. haha

I must say he has improved HEAPS! hehe
so well done to you!
we will have round 2 this coming weekend. (:

korkor and his spinner ball

Aaron with his straight/back-up like shot. hehe

watch out people. My baby still got it! (:

lesson number 1.

well i did bowl. haha

I picked up the ball. and after 2 games.
my legs and fingers gave up.
so I became the photographer for the day. haha
im getting old. RAH.

our antique bowling balls. haha

So I’m looking forward to this weekend!
although the weekend just ended.
but never too early to look forward to the next!

Waraku lunch with Baby

27 Jun

Met baby at Marina Square to go for the Greengrocer Roadshow
and lunch at Waraku.

Went to the Greengrocer roadshow first.
was very tempted to buy the foie gra.
But decided to buy it through their website
Cause wasn’t going home straight from there. (:

So we headed to have lunch!

the menu was extensive! haha
we took pretty long to decide what we wanted.
in the end, this was our selection for the afternoon :

Seafood pancake on hot plate

this was the best dish for the day actually (:

Beef with miso paste

I must say this would be better if the beef was slightly thinner.
but it was not bad (:

Lastly, Garlic fried rice in hot stone bowl

this was not too bad. but was a tad bit too oily for our liking
but tasty!

baby enjoying the seafood pancake (:

I would say, when u go there for lunch
have their set lunch.
looks pretty good ( the table opposite me was having it haha )

oh. and my baby cut his hair!

Banana cake

27 Jun

Dad found a recipe on a newspaper on Banana cake
and since he can start eating fruits and vege now
I decided to make it for him! (:

Ingredients needed :
130g butter
200g sugar
2 eggs
1 cup mashed bananas ( about two large bananas or three medium )
250g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
120ml buttermilk
120g chopped walnuts ( optional )

1) Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Grease a 20cm baking tin and set aside. Sift the dry ingredients once through into a bowl.

2) Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and creamy.

3) Beat in 1 egg until all all is mixed in.

4) Then add the other egg and a bit of the sifted flour into the bowl so that the mixture doesn’t curdle.

5) Fold in the flour mixture alternating with the buttermilk. ( Do it in two batches, and remember to start and end with the flour mixture )
Fold until all the flour mixture is just fully combined and the mixture is smooth.

6) Add in the mashed bananas until fully combined.

7) Turn the mixture into the baking pan and
bake it for about 45 minutes or until the skewer that is inserted into the cake comes out clean.
( for the last 20 minutes, cover the top of the baking pan with an aluminium foil so that the top of the cake won’t burn )

before baking

after baking

seeing how it turned out
I couldn’t help myself.
but to have a small piece of it. (:
I must say
it turned out really well! hehe
moist and light.
not too sweet as well

and a bonus : my dad loved it!
I’m a happy girl.

got me thinking

26 Jun
On the way home from Lester’s place.
something just hit me.
I guess sometimes I just feel fat.
at times i feel im okie. haha.
im weird. but oh wells. I just have to hit the gym soon.
and this time. I’m gonna make it a frequent visit to the gym!

wish me luck!
and push me on! hahaha i need it!

I need a training schedule Mr Ho!!! hehe

Vietnamese Food

25 Jun

Kor brought me to this place at Holland V
to have Vietnamese Noodles.
I do miss those in Melbourne
like Mekong and the one at Springvale.

I had my usual slice beef with beef balls. hehe
it was not too bad. but definitely cannot compare to the one in Melbourne. hehe
I’m too pampered. haha
but it’s still good! hehe

kor also ordered this egg with tang hoon thing. hehe
not bad. hehe (:

and what goes superbly is a nice cold coconut! hehe

Venue : 18 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Telephone Number : 64673662
Opening Hours : 11am – 10pm Daily

Around the island of food we go!

25 Jun
Whenever Baby and I come back to Singapore
we would eat our hearts out. haha
Only because the food in Singapore not only tastes better.
it’s also cheaper! hehe (:
So why not right?
the only downside to eating our hearts out is.
growing sideways. haha
but doesnt matter. can always work on that later! hehe

Besides Tango’s (which we go ever so often)
our first eating stop was…

Crystal Jade

we ate a few small dishes cause we were saving our stomachs for dinner (:
our favourite dish from Crystal Jade is the chilled toufu

very very good (:
although I’m not a fan of the ginger
but lucky I have Baby to help me. hehe

we also had vege. hehe a must each meal! (:

We then ordered a bowl of porridge to share. haha
just so we won’t be too full! hehe

Always good to have you home! (:

Guess where we headed for dinner?

MOOFET! haha (not many people know why I call it that)
A must go when we are back. hehe
and we only go for dinner cause baby wants the snow crabs. hehe

For dinner.
there are a few changes! hehe
we found the teppanyaki side had…

use to just be chunks of normal beef. hehe
our eyes were practically glowing!

Our new favourite dish
Soup in a teapot. haha. love it!

Baby was very happy eating his snow crabs. hehe
all night! (:

well. the journey of munching and chewing will continue!
stay tuned!

Places we visited :  (thus far)

1) Crystal Jade @ Plaza Singapura
Telephone Number : 63362833

2) Kuishin-Bo @ Suntec City Mall
Telephone number :
Opening Hours : Lunch 12 – 2.30pm, Dinner 6 – 10pm

Always good to have you home Baby (:
i love you.

I do love Tango’s

22 Jun
Being said that.
I would think to myself.. who wouldn’t?
nice place, good drinks and food, good company and nice ambiance.

Remember my previous post asking yout o guess where that place was?
It’s TANGO’S! hehe
and it’s the only place we hang out now. hehe (:

how good do these look?
(sorry about the quality though)

besides the usual gin bitterlemon
another favourite is lychee martini. hehe (:

it was a place baby had to go when he’s back.
and korkor decided to bring him there last night.
we had the usual tango wings and mussels in garlic white wine sauce.

awesome way to end the day!

Venue : Tango’s
35 Lorong Mambong
Opening Hours :  3pm – 1am (Sunday to Friday)
3pm – 2am (Saturday)

cupcakes make me happy

21 Jun

Darrelle, who is the darling she is.
bought me something I love! (:
seeing it jus makes me happy. hehe
Thank u so much my dear.
I’m lucky to have u as a friend! hehe since young man. haha.


The eating goes on…

20 Jun

Went to Shimbashi Soba at Paragon
it was me and baby’s first time.
and I must say. it was really good! hehe
and the set is really not too expensive for the amount that is served.
and plus! I’ve always been a big fan of soba.
what more hand-made on-the-spot soba noodles! hehe

kor’s tempura set with soba

my set came with chicken katsu don

and I ordered my soba chilled (: the way i love it. hehe

baby and mummy had the terriyaki chicken don with..

their soba hot! (: not bad either! hehe

and what makes the thing better?

chilli powder.
oh so good!

and fried tempura bits! hehe
super awesome. (:

and the only thing that can sum this meal up is

Venue : The Paragon #B1-41
Tel : 67359882
Opening Hours : 11.30am – 10pm


19 Jun
There are times when you know FAMILY is the most important thing in your life.
Not that I didn’t know before
Just that what has happened made me feel vulnerable
and scared.

But I’m glad everything is fine now.
Thanks be to God.